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The MPR Controller Theory of Concept and Overview

The Brilliant PV/Hybrid Controller


There are many PV controllers on the market today. They range from the most basic types to the so called "Smart" controllers. The MPR series of controllers are beyond smart.


A reliable photovoltaic (PV) power system requires both a good design and effective system controls. The development of proven and cost effective microprocessor based controllers now allows routine use of these remarkable controllers in PV systems. Control of PV systems is now only limited by the imagination and system experience of the system designer, not by the ability and availability of control equipment to perform desired tasks. The main task of the PV system controller is to properly charge the system batteries without any damaging over or under charging. This charging must be accomplished using the battery manufacturers specified charge algorithm and be temperature compensated to assure the longest possible lifetime of the batteries.

In 1990 we realized the need for a sophisticated and easy to use microprocessor based PV controllers. With our experienced staff, which includes hardware and software design engineers and physicists with varying background experiences, we took our time in developing and testing the most brilliant PV controllers on the PV market. The MPR controller was extensively tested in the laboratory, extensively beta tested and tested in numerous actual remote PV applications before one MPR was ever sold. From these test DST revised and perfected the MPR to perform in, and endure the most severe environments.

We are committed to provide the state of the art technology to the PV controller industry by constantly developing new hardware and software option to enhance this brilliance and provide the PV industry with the best controllers technology.

We developed the MPR series of microprocessor based PV controllers to enhance the operation of PV systems. The MPR-9400/9800/9900 and MPR-2001 can be configured to provide a wide range of systems services which will be described in Technical Information.

The MPR series PV controllers have been on the market since 1994 with over 1000 units in service. These controllers have proven to be not only configurable to specific customers specification but most important to lengthen battery life with our exclusive charge algorithms coupled with reliability!

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