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Services & Support


We warrant our controller for 2 years from defects in materials and workmanship. During this period, we will either sent you the required component for replacement or if needed, return the controller for repair free of charge. After the warranty period, components and repairs will be on a time and material basis. Warranty work must be performed at DST's facility or by a DST technician. Unauthorized service performed on our MPR series controllers will void their warranty.

For service, your dealer/ installer will most likely be able to determine your problem and answer your questions, so please contact them initially. If the dealer determines the MPR needs repair, either a component can be sent to them or the controller may have to be returned to DST. If a return is necessary, your dealer will instruct you on how to return the MPR.

Technical Support

Find information you need for installing, operating and troubleshooting your DST products. Read our on-line documents and messages.

We offer free technical support to all of our customers. End users are also free to call for this support but we suggest to contact your system installer or dealer.

One of our unique support capabilities is the ability for us at DST to call your MPR series controller via telephone/modem and analyze your system. We have additional in depth software capabilities to trouble shoot your controller from our facility. This is extremely helpful if you are experiencing problems with your remote power system.


Digital Solar Technologies products are sold to the end users through our authorized dealers. Please contact your local dealer.

Please contact DST by phone at 303-442-6553 or e-mail us at to find out where your nearest authorized dealer is located.

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