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DST's MPR series controllers are by far the most sophisticated and versatile PV controllers on the market.

The MPR series PV controllers have been on the market since 1994 with over 1000 units in service. The MPR controllers have proven to be not only configurable to specific customers specification but most important to lengthen battery life with our exclusive charge algorithms coupled with reliability!


The MPR series of Photovoltaic/hybrid controller are the absolute best controllers for telecommunication, residential, or hybrid systems needing advanced function capabilities. The MPR series unique features include the capacity to verify, obtain datalogger information, manually operate the controls, adjust setpoints, control multiple channels and also perform these tasks via your personal computer/modem telephone.


The basic (see custom Controllers) MPR-9400 and MPR-9800 are for use in PV/hybrid applications with PV inputs from 30A to 200A and generator/rectifier inputs up to 200A. The MPR-9400 is designed for advanced PV/hybrid system where multiple Inputs and Output are required. All of MPR-9400's, MPR-9800's and MPR-9900's software include DST's proprietary charge algorithms, EBBM™, which ensure complete and safe charging of any battery technology. This charge algorithm technology has proven in a two year test that the battery cycle life increases! The MPR-9400 is available with many versions of control software which will accomplish any complex task your customer requires. Please contact DST with any request of customer software.

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DST controllers are manufactured to all governing national electrical codes and will be listed with major laboratories in the near future. With all listed products and their manufacturer, DST's manufacturing facilities will be certified by these independent groups, with on going inspections conducted by their personnel. This guarantees that DST meets all standards.

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