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The "Energy Based Battery Management" Charge Algorithm - EBBM™

DST's Proprietary Charge Algorithm

Introducing the most advanced PV/hybrid charging algorithm available. This charging method can only be accomplish with a powerful microprocessor like the one that the MPR series controllers incorporate. The EBBM™ was developed in conjunction with DST and Sandia National Laboratories and after a two year Test, the EBBM™ has proven that the MPR series controller can now significantly improvement PV charge utilization, battery charge control, and battery state of charge (SOC) over conventional on/off or constant voltage regulated charge control. This is accomplished by providing maximum charge to the batteries while limiting battery overcharge and under charging to manufacturers specifications during variable solar resources and load periods.

The results have demonstrated improved battery capacity, performance, and the resulting longer battery cycle-life. EBBM™ has proven to not only insure proper battery charging without fear of over charging or under charging, but to charge the batteries as per the battery's manufacturers specifications! This new feature which will lower the operating costs of your PV systems.

DST is the only company to offer the EBBM™ battery charge algorithm! With the MPR-9400's microcomputer, this incredible algorithm is easily implemented by the customer. The EBBM™ algorithm has been extensively tested on flooded lead-antimony and valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries in hybrid system configurations that simulate home power and telecommunications systems. This is the most accurate method of charging. IT HAS BEEN PROVEN!


DST is also developing the hardware and software for a 30 to 60 Amp PWM charge channel to accomplish the batteries finish charge stage. This finishing stage will "top off" the batteries the fastest way possible using the combination of EBBM™ technology and PWM finish charge.

The MPR-9400 will provide unparalleled technology for PV battery charging.

Data Acquisition System - DAS

We are extremely excited and pleased to inform you of our new DAS option. This option provides 1 or 2 MB of memory and is available on the MPR-9400 series controllers. Please see DAS in the Technology section for a detail description.

MPR-9800 Controller

Because of the many requests for a less expensive MPR controller, we have developed and tested the MPR-9800 series controller. The controller uses the same circuitry as the MPR-9400 but without the multiple channel control of the MPR-9400 and will supply your customers with the sophistication of the 9400 at a much lower cost. The MPR-9800 is equipped with the same EBBM™ charge algorithm as the 9400 with up to 2 sub array channels, 1 load channel and one rectifier input. This series of controllers is the answer for your needs of a sophisticated controller at a reduced cost. See MPR-9800 brochure.

MPR-2001 Controller

Please see the brochure on the MPR-2001, as it is the most advanced and sophisticated controller we manufacture. This controller has too many features to list on this News page, so please go to our MPR-2001 brochure.

MPR-9900 Controller

We are developing a true low noise PWM version of the MPR series controller that will address the need for a small stand alone PV system controller that will handle up to 60 amps of array (2 X 30 amps) and up to 30 amps of load. This controller is configurable for 12, 24 and 48 volt negative and positive ground systems. RS232 is standard with the optional modem for remote communications . The MPR-9900 will be available in the fall of 1998.

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