MPR Comm v3.4.5
(Supports PV versions 5.01.xx and 6.xx.xx only, updated 05/24/2012)

MPR-9400 Manual
(PV version 6.xx, updated 10/04/2007)

MPR-9400 Software version 2.32f
(Supports PV versions 3.xx through 5.xx, updated 5/7/2010)

MPR-9400 Product Brochure

MPR-9400 Manual
(PV version 5.xx, updated 5/21/2004)

MPR-9400 Manual
(PV version 3.xx and 4.xx, updated 8/13/2003)


MPR Comm v3.4.3
(Supports PV versions 4.00.14, 4.00.27, 5.00.00 and 6.xx.xx only, updated 11/16/2010)

MPR-9800 Software version 1.35c
(Supports all PV versions through 5.xx.xx, updated 2/20/2006)

MPR-9800 Product Brochure

MPR-9800 Manual
(PV versions 1.xx through 4.xx, updated 8/7/2003)

MPR-9800 Manual
(PV version 5.xx, updated 3/24/2006)

MPR-9800 Manual
(PV version 6.xx, updated 11/30/2007)

Miscellaneous Files

MPR Ethernet Utilities
(Supports all PV versions, updated 9/07/2005)

MPR-9400 Linux Comm Software
(Supports PV versions 5.02.xx, updated 9/07/2005)

MPR-2001 Communication Software
(Version 1.13)