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The MPR Controller Theory of Concept and Overview

About Digital Solar Technologies

The Intelligent Photovoltaic/Hybrid Controller Company
The Leader in Photovoltaic Controller Technology

Digital Solar Technologies (DST*) is located in Boulder, CO, a high technological region of the US, with the needed resources to support product R&D and manufacturing. We specialize in microprocessor based power system controllers and supply innovative control solutions for PV/hybrid and grid tied power systems. Our controllers range from stand alone PV applications needing advanced controls, to multiple power source systems requiring varied I/O monitoring and control needs including data logging with remote monitoring. These controllers have been installed in extreme locations and environments ranging from the worlds worse deserts to the mountain and jungles of the tropic to tops of Alaskan mountains providing reliable power system management and control.

DST is the leading innovator in the microcomputer based PV/hybrid controller industry. With more than 12 years experience in the design and manufacturing of PV regulators and controllers, we are second to none in providing controller technology to the Solar industry. This is accomplished by our extremely talented and experienced staff and associates.

With over 1000 of our microprocessor based PV controllers and thousands of OEM PV regulators and controllers in the field, our versatility, reliability and dedicated customer support has been time tested and proven.

All of DST's power system controllers are temperature tested before shipping. This test is performed from ambient temperature cycling from -40C to 60C for 24 hours using our in house thermal chamber. This "Heat Soak" test assures our commitment to providing a well designed and tested product to your customers.

Theory of Concept

* DST is a subsidiary of Spiral Designs Inc., SDI is a 15 year old design and manufacturing firm of microcomputer based products, including telecommunication power controllers and instruments for the Telecommunication industry.

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