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Remote Communications

The MPR-9400, MPR-9800 and the MPR-2001 can be equipped with the optional 2,400 baud or 14,400 baud modem which will allow the user to dial the remote site's MPR using our MPRCOMM software package OR communications can be accomplished via the RS232 port through your communication equipment to retrieve the systems status. This provides a user friendly interface to our controllers via your personnel computer. This option is one of the most valuable features the MPR series has to offer. This communication package allows you to fully monitor and control your system as if you were physically at the site. Imagine the money and time that will be save by not having to travel to your remote power system!

  • This option has been proven invaluable to customers!
  • The MPR-2001 will actually call you if an alarm is activated. The call out function can be user programmed to call a computer if; High voltage alarm, Low-Low voltage alarm, a generator failure, low fuel level etc. These call out alarms can be custom configured by DST.
  • MPRCOMM can automatically call one or multiple sites, down load the data, store the data in a file and then hang up. This automatic communication can be programmed by the user to occur once a day or other time periods.
  • At periodic intervals, the MPR can dial a remote computer, report current data, and hang up.
  • With the Data Logging option, you can remotely download the stored data, import this file into MS Excel and generate easy to interpret color graphs to analyze your system(s).
  • Manually equalize the batteries.
  • Manually control the Loads, PV arrays, Generator, Rectifiers, change set points if the Data Acquisition System option informs you of an incorrect system balance.
  • Check generator fuel level(s).
  • Produce reports from the controller's data.

Whether the communication is via Land line, cellular, microwave or radio, you can communicate with the MPR-9400, MPR-9800, MPR-9900 and the MPR-2001!

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