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Reliability is a major concern of all components installed in a remote PV system. DST regards this necessity as important as the sophistication of our controllers. The MPR design process occurred over a three year period which gave us the luxury of time to methodically test and prove the circuit design and software. Our hardware and software design engineers are well versed in digital and analog design applications for extreme environmental conditions.

As in all of DST's products, the MPR series controllers are manufactured to industrial and military standards. Through extensive Beta, laboratory and on-site testing with over 1000 installed units, the MPR's have proven their reliability and accuracy in unattended remote applications with ambient temperatures ranging from -40C to 60C. The power switching devices used are either sealed Mercury Displacement Relays or MOSFET technology to provide millions of switching cycles. Multiple levels of protection have been applied to eliminate damage caused by reverse polarity and/or wrong voltage settings, lightning surges, static, RF and EMF interference. All set points are stored in non-volatile memory and the Software includes self correcting routines and is fault tolerant. On the MPR-9400 the digital circuits are supplemented by an Analog back up of HVD's and LVD's. All components meet UL specifications and PC boards are conformal coated.

With the use of our in house environmental chamber, all of the control circuitry is thermally tested from -40C to 60C for a 24 hour period before shipment. This procedure will provide your customers with a completely tested product that will insure reliability.

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