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Generator Controls

The following is a description of the generator controls at this time, other custom controls are possible. Please contact DST.

The MPR-9400 provides a 2 wire start 1 form C contacts.


  • Start at low voltage, programmed by user
  • Start with manual control via keypad or remote communications
  • Start for maintenance run; if generator has not run in a time period programmed by the user; start the generator and shut down after a number of run minutes, programmed by user
  • Start for equalization
  • Programmable control of a AC delay/rectifier delay ON for generator warm up/cool down, programmed by user
  • Generator engine block heater energized before warm-up period


  • Shutdown on End of Charge Current (net Amps) into the battery, net amps programmed by user
  • Shutdown on high voltage, programmed by user
  • Shutdown on manual control via keypad or remote communications
  • Shutdown after programmable time period (run time)
  • Programmable control of the AC delay/rectifier delay for generator warm up/cool down
  • Two digital fault inputs to detect generator and/or rectifier failure with time/date stamp of the event. Either voltage or contact closure inputs from the generator and rectifier.
  • If a two generators system , (selectable if one or two generator are used) will alternate gen#1 & gen#2 runs. If a fault is detected on gen#1, the MPR-9400 will start gen#2 automatically and only run gen#2 to until gen#1's fault is corrected. (or in the opposite order)
  • Will Log run times of 1 or 2 generators with the time/date stamp of the last run
  • Fuel level input shown as % of full for 1 or 2 fuel tanks using an off the shelf fuel level sensor.