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Data Acquisition System


Once again, with the foundation of our microcomputer, we have easily developed a true data logging option. This option is as powerful as other available datalogger products but at a fraction of the cost.

The data logging options allows the user to completely analyze the systems performance, battery condition and functionality of their PV system. After down loading the datalogging file, either locally or remotely, you can import this file into MS Excel and produce the needed graphs. These graphs will visually allow you to easily analyze the performance of the system.

With the logging of maximum and minimum daily battery voltages, solar resources, battery maximum and minimum temperatures, battery amp hours in and out, plus many other parameters, the customer can examine the systems battery condition without being overwhelmed with data.

The MPR-9400 DAS option is available with 1 MB of additional RAM to accomplish the DAS.

Using 1 MB of RAM with once a day logging, the MPR-9400 can log over 1 year of data. Using 1 MB of RAM, the MPR can log actual 15 minute averages of parameters and log over 10 months of data. (much longer if the sampling time is changed, programmed by user)

Some of the parameters logged-

This list is the minimum parameters logged and will vary depending on the PROM version installed in your MPR controller.

  • Daily solar irradiance
  • Min/max battery temperatures
  • Min/max ambient temperatures
  • Min/max battery voltage
  • Min/max battery current
  • Max PV current
  • AH of Load
  • AH of PV
  • AH of auxiliary charge
  • Alarms active

Please contact DST if you require different or additional parameter.

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