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Custom Software and Controller Policy

The flexible design of the MPR-9400, MPR-9800 and MPR-2001 allows a wide degree of customization to satisfy your customers specifications.

The many selections of currently available software packages will satisfy most requirements of PV/hybrid power systems, but there may be additional customer needs that existing software may not include. We can customize the existing software to fulfill these needs.

  • For these customization requirements, please contact DST to discuss the changes your customer requires.
  • DST will provide a quotation on the software changes *
  • On receipt of your Purchase Order to DST, we will develop the software.

* Custom Software Configurations Cost: All custom software configurations will be billed by individual NRE costs. The custom configurations and software are integration costs and will remain DST's property.


The MPR-9400 circuitry allows for many additional feature. We have produced many custom configurations in the past for various customer's requirements. The custom controllers shown below are but a small representation of what DST can produce. Please contact DST to discuss your controller specification.

Private labeling is available on our products if quantities are sufficient.

Certain existing PROM versions and future customized versions require tailor-made hardware and power handling components.

A partial list a MPR-9400 power center possibilities follow.

  • Multiple sub-array circuit breakers
  • Multiple load circuit breakers
  • 2 rectifier channels with circuit breakers and shunts
  • Dual (redundant) control circuit power center
  • Load voltage control - 5% of nominal voltage
  • AC circuit breakers
  • 23" rack mount
  • 480 V & 600V systems

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