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Charging Methods

Charging the batteries is accomplished with the combination of our EBBM™ algorithm (see "Charge Algorithm") and series regulation method using finish pulse charging. In the near future DST will offer a true LOW NOISE PWM finish charging design. These controllers will incorporate MDR's on 1 or 2 sub arrays with MOSFET technology for the final finish PWM charge. With the MPR-9400 capable of using PWM in conjunction with our EBBM algorithm, it will be by far the most efficient method of fully charging batteries in a PV/hybrid system. At this time, no other controller manufacturer has the capability to accomplish this charging method!

The MPR-9400 and MPR-2001 can be configured from 1 to 6 sub-arrays inputs, each individually controlled with their respective set points, with the combination of a Wind and/or 1 or 2 generator/rectifier inputs. (see "Generator Control") These additional power inputs are monitored and metered so that the Amperage and Amp hour inputs are used in the battery's State of Charge calculations. All PV inputs are provided with UL listed to 125 volt DC


The MPR's accomplishes the bulk absorption charge by initially uses all the sub arrays to bring the battery up to the High Voltage Disconnects- HVD2 and HVD1 set points. At this point the MPR-9400 will shed sub arrays and accomplish the pulse finish charging of the batteries.


The MPR's accomplishes the needed equalization required by battery manufacturers. These equalization methods are programmed by the user depending on battery type. The MPR will sustain the required higher voltage for the needed amount of time to truly equalize batteries. This equalization can be performed manually or programmed by the user to automatically equalize as a function of days or as a function of Depth Of Discharge (or # of DOD's). The equalization can also be manually initiated either locally or remotely!

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