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Energy Based Battery Management - EBBM™

DST's Proprietary Charge Algorithm

DST is the only company to offer the EBBM™ battery charge algorithm! With the MPR-9400's, the MPR-9800's and the MPR-2001 microcomputer, this incredible algorithm is easily implemented. The EBBM™ algorithm has been extensively tested on flooded lead-antimony and valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries in hybrid system configurations that simulate home power and telecommunications systems. The test results after two years have shown a significant improvement in PV charge utilization, battery charge control, and battery state of charge (SOC) over conventional on/off or constant voltage regulated charge control. This is accomplished by providing maximum charge to the batteries while limiting battery overcharge and under charging to the battery manufacturers' specifications during variable solar resources and load periods.

The results have demonstrated improved battery capacity, performance, and the resulting longer battery cycle-life. This new feature, which will lower the operating costs of the PV systems, is the most accurate method of charging.


The EBBM™ can be easily configured by the user for different battery types and manufacturers.

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