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AC Monitoring

For hybrid controllers to be fully functional they must monitor all components of your power system. On many PV/hybrid power systems there is the need for AC power, whether this AC power is produced by inverters or by generators with rectifiers, the MPR-9400 can monitor the needed AC outputs/inputs. One of the convenient features of the MPR-9400 is the ability to monitoring and data log these AC parameter. We have developed software versions that will meter and log AC voltages, AC currents and AC frequencies. This is accomplished by installing AC voltage and current transducers on the AC power lines, the AC frequency is measured directly by the MPR-9400. The MPR-9400 will meter and integrate the AC power usage. See Products

State of Charge and recent power input into the batteries is a standard feature on the controller. With this knowledge the MPR-9400 can either allow full usage of AC power by the customer or limit the AC daily usage as a function of reserve battery power. This limiting of AC power will provide the customer with a user programmable number of days of autonomy.

We have also developed the software to communicate with the Trace sine wave inverters. Therefore you or your customer can locally or remotely access 1 or 2 Trace sine wave inverters and control the Trace unit(s) via the MPR-9400. The Trace version software imitates the Trace LCD and keypad so the user can easily accomplish this unique control interface. With this version of software, the user can select to either communicate with the MPR-9400 or the Trace inverter(s).

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