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MPR-2001 Photovoltaic Hybrid Power System Controller

The MPR-2001, the ultimalte PV/hybrid telecommunications control system on the market. The MPR-2001 unique features include multiple PV,Load and alarm channels, the sophisticated EBBM control charge algorithm, 16 analog inputs, 16 digital inputs and 32 digital outputs, with our standard capacity to verify operations, manually operate the controls and adjust setpoints via PC computer via telephone modem.

The MPR-2001 PV controller is the ENHANCED version of the MPR-9400. The same microcomputer PCB is used with our new MPR-2001 I/O circuit board and software. This system provides multiple monitoring and control needs for advanced PV systems. This is especially required on larger PV powered sites by the Telecommunications industry.

All monitoring and programming is accomplished by either the use of the 3 X 3 keypad and 2 X 24 lighted LCD or by a PC computer directly, or via modem/telephone line. The MPR-2001 will control 6 sub-arrays, either 60A or 100A each, 3 load LVD and 3 CEMF load voltage conditioning channels. In addition, The MPR-2001 is the answer to the PV industry's needs for an enhanced mulifunction PV controller using our integrated microcomputer controls for larger power systems.

The Standard MPR-2001 Includes:

  • The advanced MPR-2001 modularized controller circuitry
  • Hinged instrument panel
  • Lighted LCD - 2 X 24 character display
  • LED's - Charging ON, CEMF Load ON, Load 2 ON, Load 3 ON, HVA, LVA, LLVA, 2-Fire Alarms, Door Open Alarm, Air Conditioner Alarm, 2-Water Level Alarms, Inverter Alarm, 2-DC/DC Alarms, Tower Light Alarm, Shelter Temperature Alarm, 2-Auxilary Alarms, Analog Back Up Alarm, System Fail Alarm, Blown Fuse Alarm.
  • All above Alarms are equipped with singe pole double throw 5 amp relay outputs.
  • 6- 60 or 100 Amp N.O. PV MDR's
  • 3- 60 or 100 Amp Load MDR's
  • A three channel CEMF load voltage control with a 50* Amp load capacity CEMF enclosure
  • 1 PV and 2 Load current shunts, 1 additional shunt available.
  • Circuit Breakers for 6 PV(s), 3 Load(s) with 1 main Load circuit breaker, Fire alarm CB, DC light CB, Tower light CB.
  • All wire terminations are front accessable, for a 23" rack "against a wall" mounting with large terminals for all power wiring with multiple control wiring terminal strips.
  • Mounted on a 23 inch relay rack 7' tall X 9" deep.
  • Modem
  • Thoroughly Lightning protected!
    * Larger amperage is accommodated by additional CEMF enclosures.


    The MPR-2001 will control 12, 24, 48, 120, 240 & 480 VDC negative or positive ground systems with variable Amperes of PV array current as ordered. With its integrated design and 64 standard channels it will manage large PV-generator hybrid power systems.


    Great care and time has been spent on the design of the hardware and software to create a truly robust, state of the art controller. The MPR-2001 is equiped with software that controls and monitors many parameters. Many of the digital alarms and analog input parameters are acted upon by the controllers algorithms. This list is to extensive to provide in this brochure. Please contact DST for more information on the sophistication of this controller.

    All control and sensing elements are in the high side of the power circuits, this enables all common-ground conductors to be connected together as required by the National Electric Code. Ease of control of operations is made possible by the software, accessed with keypad and LCD or computer via RS232 or modem. All setpoints of all channels are changeable and password protected. Charging algorithms can be selected from standard series to EBBM or pulse width with variable/timed hysteresis. The MPR-2001 incorporates- float charge, manual or automatic equalization and temperature compensation which will increase your battery life! Easily customized for your unique application !

    The MPR-2001 datalogs, ounce a day, important paramenters for diagnostic evaluation of the system.


    As in all of DST's products, the MPR-2001 series controller is manufactured to industrial and military standards. Through extensive Beta, laboratory testing, with many units commisioned, the MPR-2001 has proven its reliability and accuracy in unattended remote applications with ambient temperatures ranging from -40C to 60C. The power switching devices used are very reliable sealed Mercury Displacement Relays to provide millions of switching cycles. Multiple levels of protection have been applied to eliminate damage caused by reverse polarity and/or wrong voltage settings, lightning, surges, static, RF and EMF interference. All set points are stored in non-volatile memory and the Software includes self correcting routines and is fault tolerant. Digital circuits are supplemented by an Analog back up of HVD's and LVD's. All components meet UL specifications and PC boards are conformal coated. TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY PERIOD


    Temperature Compensated PV Array Control

    PV regulation is accomplished by monitoring the temperature and voltage of the battery. With up to 6 sub arrays, the controller provides staged switching of these arrays using mercury displacement relays. The EBBM charge algorithm ensures that the PV energy captured will provide and maintain optimum battery charge condition and prolong battery cycle life.

    Load Management

    The battery voltage and State of Charge is continuously monitored. As the battery discharges, the MPR-2001 will perform staged disconnection the 3 loads to protect the battery from permanent damage. All Load LVD are progammable by the customer. The Loads can also be temperature compensated by factory or customer programming of the controller. LVD #3 can be programmed as a function of time of day ON/OFF.


    Alarms are available for monitoring and diagnostic purposes. Alarms are viewed via LED's, LCD indicators and relay contact outputs. These alarms can be monitored remotely or programmed to "Call Out" to a host computer and report an alarm using the MPRCOMM software package which will operate under DOS or Windows environments.

    Operator Interface

    Operator interface is locally accomplished by PC computer via RS232 port and MPRCOMM software. This interface method allow the user to evaluate performance, view all conditions and parameter and change setpoints and down load datalogging.

    MPR-2001 Controller Specifications
    Electrical Characteristics
    System voltage capabilities12 to 480 VDC
    Maximum Array voltage2 X nominal
    Charging current capabilities600 Amps
    Maximum Load current200 Amps- expandable
    Total maximum voltage drop0.005V/Amp
    Controller parasitic load150 mA
    GroundNegative or Positive
    Inputs - Analog16 Standard
    Inputs - Digital16 Standard
    Outputs - Digital32 Standard
    Resolution12 Bit

    Operating temperature-40C to 85C
    Maximum ambient temperature60C
    Humidity (NEMA 4X enclosure)100%

    Control Circuitry Enclosure, Mat'l - GRPNEMA 4X
    23 inch Rack mount
    Dimensions7' X 2' X 9"
    Weight125+ Lbs
    Wire terminalsCompression clamp
    Maximum wire size
    Battery350 MCM on 350A units)
    Arrays/Loads2/0 AWG
    Control wires#12 AWG
    Controller mountingVertical

    Array and Load Short Circuit Protection
    Circuit BreakersUL Listed DC rated @ 125 VDC 5000 AIC
    Reverse Polarity protection

    LCD - LED Display
    LCD Display2 X 24 character 5 X 8 Dots
    Super Twist
    LCD temperature rating-20C to 70C
    Status LED's19

    Options: Telephone Modem & MPRCOMM computer software, Radio/Telephone Modem, RJ11 adapter kit, Additional Circuit breakers.

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